Corporate governance: is Switzerland overtaking Europe?

6. May 2013

aktioaere1In an article published in the journal GesKR (Gesellschafts- und Kapitalmarktrecht), Yannick Hausmann and Elisabeth Bechtold-Orth compare the development of corporate governance in the EU and Switzerland. The parallels they identify include an improvement in transparency and the strengthening of shareholders’ rights, but the reform efforts in Switzerland and the EU vary in terms of intensity of legislative intervention. While the EU Commission continues to appeal to shareholders’ sense of responsibility, in Switzerland the acceptance of the Minder Initiative means that shareholders are now legally obliged to meet their responsibilities.

Source: Yannick Hausmann and Elisabeth Bechtold-Orth (2013). Corporate governance: Überholt die Schweiz Europa? (Corporate governance: is Switzerland overtaking Europe?). GesKR 2/2013. (Download article as PDF)